Enabling Cookies in your Browser

Mozilla / Firefox

Select Preferences in the Edit menu of the Mozilla or Firefox window.
Open the Privacy & Security sublist and click on the Cookies.

Mozilla cookie preferences dialog
At the top of the Preferences dialog, select any of the radio button choices:

You also check "Accept cookies normally" in the lower halhf of the dialog.

Click OK after making any changes.

Internet Explorer

Select Internet Options from the Tools menu of the Internet Explorer window.
Click once in the Internet icon, then click on the Custom Level button.

Open the Cookies submenu if necessary by double-clicking on the word Cookies or the icon next to it. Make sure the Enable radio button is set under "Allow Cookies that are stored on your computer". This is the way Internet Explorer is usually set up when distributed. You will need to change this back only if it was modified for some reason.

If you set the choice to Prompt, you will need to click OK on the accept cookie dialog before each scheduling system page is displayed. This will become very bothersome and is not recommended.

Click OK on the Settings window and then on the Internet Options window if you make any changes.